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We're passionate advocates for preventive medicine, believing that maintaining a horse's health is the best way to build long-term health, successful breeding, vibrant foals and a more durable equine athlete.  Staying regular with seasonal vaccinations, dentistry, de-worming and nutrition are all key components of a simple but incredibly important wellness exam. We also offer Annual Wellness Plans to keep it simple for you to keep your horse healthy.  Click here to learn more about our Wellness Plans

Wellness Services


Fecal Egg Count Tests
Deworming Recommendations
Nutrition and Supplementation Consultations

Why Schedule An Annual Examination
The Importance of Veterinary Directed Vaccinations
How Nutrition Can Make the Difference in Your Horse

Annual Wellness Exams are an opportunity for you and your veterinarian to connect on your horse's health and performance.  This important time gives your veterinarian the chance to spot potential issues before they become major concerns, and to recommend the best plan for keeping your horse in excellent condition and performing to their full potential.

Vaccinations may seem routine, but they are potent medications best given and directed by a veterinarian.  Your veterinarian can recommend the right vaccine schedule for your horse's individual needs and risk factors, and also ensure that your horse receives the correct dosage and any necessary follow-up.

We're passionate advocates for equine nutrition and continuously see the impact that the right nutrition can have on horses of all performance levels.  Our veterinarians are happy to help evaluate your horse's diet and recommend the right program.  You'll see that we believe in a diet that starts with high quality forage, and is then supported by the right targeted nutritional formulas for joint support, digestive health, performance or overall health.

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“Horses get to know each other nose to nose; vaccinate your horse to prevent disease” Dr. Chris Bell, DVM

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