“A healthy horse is a well conditioned horse” Dr. Chris Bell, DVM



Our horses have an incredible athletic abilities from show jumping to cutting and dressage to barrel racing and trail riding.  By the nature of this athleticism, they can endure a range of orthopedic injuries, including soft tissue injuries, fractures and a variety of other lameness.


Elders Equine works closely with several rehabilitation providers to ensure a complete rehab plan is in place and appropriate to the injury your horse has sustained.


After an injury or surgical procedure, a comprehensive rehabilitation plan can be very important to ensure the full potential of your horse can be attained. Dr. Bell has many years of experience planning and providing rehabilitation plans and can provide your horse with a specific, individualized rehabilation program depending on the nature and severity of the injury.

Elders Equine works with the rehabilitation providers, you and/or your barn managers at your stable to ensure that your horse is getting the best possible care and given the optimal opportunity to return to their full athletic potential

Alcohol Joint Fusion of the Hocks (chemical arthrodesis)

This technique was developed at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine as a means to fuse the hocks of horses with arthritis. By fusing the lower hock joints, the arthritis process is stopped and injection of the joints with corticosteroids is no longer needed.

The process involves blocking the lower hock joints or having previous corticosteroid injections which resulted in soundness. The joints are then carefully checked to ensure there is no communication from the lower hock joints to the large upper hock joints with a special xray dye. Interpretation of these dye-enhanced xrays is very important in the process. Once this is completed and the horse is identified as a good candidate, a small amount of alcohol is injected into lower hock joint. This injection results in fusion of the joint within 4-12 months. The pain relief is near immediate and horses can return to work within 48 hours of the injection.

Dr. Bell participated in this research as part of the research team at the U of S and has presented the outcomes of this research at the international level.  Dr. Bell is an expert in the area and is available to answer any questions about the procedure and possible outcomes. 

Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a treatment modality used to help improve healing time of many soft tissue injuries including tendon and ligament injuries of the legs during the rehabilitation phase. The addition of shockwave therapy to the treatment options at Elders Equine will help broaden the rehabilitation options for our clients and improve the healing of our patients. Elders Equine uses a Versatron Shockwave device with all the newest technology and industry leading research to support the appropriate use of the system.

Equine Kinesiology Taping

As part of our preventative sport medicine and rehabilitation programs, we employ equine kinesiology taping. Sport medicine taping has been used in the elite human athletes to improve performance and prevent injury and now we have it available to our equine patients. Kinesiology taping is used to improve range of motion at joints, decrease inflammation, help prevent exaggerated over-extension and hyperflexion type injuries in the joints, tendons, ligament and muscles and improve blood flow. We use ROCK TAPE kinesiology tape (http://www.rocktapecanada.com/products/equine/​) in our practice. We use equine sports medicine taping techniques which allow us to provide preventative therapy and for use in our rehabilitation programs. We apply the tape over muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and joints to provide support to the structures at risk of injury based on our clinical exam and diagnosis.

Some of the specific areas of use for sports tape would be:

SI region
Flexor/Extensor tendons
Suspensory ligaments
Gluteal muscle groups
Lumbar and back muscle groups
Neck muscle groups
Fetlock and carpal over-extension prevention/augmentation
Improved lymphatic drainage - lymphangitis

If you are interested in discussing the potential for use of equine sports taping in your horse prior to their next event or to help with a healing injury, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss it with you.



Elders Equine prides itself on recommending only quality products to our clients. When it comes to joint supplements, there are numerous possibilities and we will take the guess work out of making the right choices when it comes to your horse

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