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A pre-purchase exam is an important part of the overall purchase of your next horse. Whether you are buying your next pasture companion, or barrel racing or hunter prospect, or elite athletic competitive level jumper or reiner. These are important purchases and it is important to make the right decision. Once the time comes to make that decision, give us a call to help with identify any of the risks involving the health of the horse related to your desired level of use.

Our veterinarians are trained to provide a thorough, comprehensive examination of the soundness of your next horse! Our pre-purchase exam includes examination of all systems of the horse and can be tailored to provide in-depth examination of a specific concern.

Our pre-purchase exams include:

Ophthalmic exam - check for vision, ocular issues, old ulcers/scars, cataracts etc.

Neurological exam - check for cranial nerve function, coordination functions, central and peripheral nerve functions etc

General physical exam - heart rate, respiration rate and effort, temperature, listen for abnormal sounds in the chest, body condition score, look for abnormal fat deposits etc. As part of our cardiac portion of the exam we can also offer ECG analysis using our unique stall side ECG.

Conformation exam - look for crooked legs, foot conformation, tendon laxities etc.

Gastrointestinal exam - listen for normal guts sound, check for previous colic surgery scars, listen for sand in the abdomen etc. We can also go further where needed and perform abdominal ultrasound.

Respiratory exam - listen to the upper and lower airways and if needed, perform ultrasound and endoscopy of the upper and lower airways.

Musculoskeletal exam - palpation of the craniosacral therapy points, acupuncture points, chiropractic adjustment points and evaluation of the back, SI joint and neck as well as shoulders and hips for any signs of abnormality

Lameness/Movement exam - OUR HALLMARK - we will expertly evaluate your horse's gait and soundness through a number of techniques including hoof tester exams, flexor tendon and suspensory ligament palpation, joint palpation, forelimb and hindlimb systematic flexion procedures as well as evaluation in both circles on a lungeline or in the round pen (when appropriate and available).

Radiographic evaluation - OUR HALLMARK - we will expertly take and interpret radiographs (xrays) of the horse's bones and joints in the areas of interest, requested or as identified through our comprehensive lameness exam. We identify issues of concern from the xrays and then discuss the risk factors with those issues in relation to your desired use of the horse.

Radiographic telemedicine and interpretation service - Interpreting xrays is both science and art and takes many years and/or extensive training beyond the standard DVM program. Dr. Bell and Elder are frequently called upon to assist in interpreting radiographs of horses in Manitoba and even outside of our practice area. We provide this service for our clients purchasing in other part of the country or internationally. This service is also available for a fee and by contacting our service prior to the need for review. We also work closely with several radiologists who specialize in horses and can have your xrays reviewed by them as well for a fee (dependent on radiologist) - however, this is generally not required.  Xrays can be sent to for review. 



At the conclusion of the exam: 


A full written report and accompanying set of radiographs are provided to each buyer describing the outcome of the exam and any risks associated with pre-existing conditions or anticipated conditions. The results are discussed with you and your trainer (agent) so you can get together and make a good decision about the horse you are looking to purchase

We take pride in providing a comprehensive exam which can help you make the decision about whether to purchase your next horse.

If you have any questions or to receive a quote for the services needed, please feel free to give us a call or email. 204-864-2888 or

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