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Methods of Payment

All payment is due at the time of service.


We accepts VISA, Mastercard, AMEX

We accept cash and cheque (with existing client relationship) as well as etransfer.

Etransfers can be sent to and contact our office to confirm password to be used.


For those that would like to set up recurring payments on a credit card (billed monthly) to cover your invoices, please contact our office to complete an enrolment form (


We do not offer payment plans unfortunately, but we do provide some options for funding large expenses such as surgery or serious medical treatment:

  1. Equine Insurance programs such as Capri, BFL (offered through One Insurance – Oakbank;, HEP ( and others would need to be set up prior to any incident. We highly recommend insurance as a means to allow you to make unexpected decisions about your horse easier! 

2. PETCARD – animal related small loans/emergency credit service -


Elders Equine offers an Equine Health and Wellness program as well which allows for easier budgeting of your horse’s routine/general yearly care needs. The plans include vaccinations, deworming, dental float and Coggins test – all the cores of your horses wellbeing.  (LINK HERE)

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