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Elders Equine has two hospital barns encompassing 15 stall, operating room, recovery room, lab and pharmacy, indoor arena giving us over 18000 sq ft of space:

Surgery Hospital Barn: Our Surgery and Internal Medicine Hospital Barn and ward has 7 stalls available where we can manage pre- and post-operative care as well as manage horses requiring care for internal medicine issues such as pneumonia or medical colics. Horse’s that are to undergo surgery and internal medicine cases that will be staying in our hospital ward will have the ability to be monitored up to 24 hours a day when necessary as part of intensive care and critical care services.  Our Surgery Hospital Barn provides access to IV fluid administration, ICU monitoring, in house laboratory access, heated indoor environment, endoscopic services such as gastroscopy and access digital radiography and ultrasound services in the hospital barn.

Sports Medicine, Rehab and Reproduction Barn: Our Sports Medicine R&R barn has 8 stalls, wash stall, heated indoor environment, access to indoor round pen, turnout and indoor arena. Horse’s staying in our sports medicine ward will be able to stay for rehabilitation services following surgery or injury. Our team can help ensure that your horse gets the rehabilitation treatments and services needed including structured exercise and walking programs, shockwave, PRP, IRAP, joint care including injections, lameness evaluation (indoor and outdoor for evaluation on different footings), ability to offer rider exercise and evaluation of horse under tack

This barn and ward also serves as a reproduction center with the ability to have mare’s stay for AI breeding with fresh or frozen semen in a controlled, veterinary monitored process minimizing stress on the mares, improving conception rates and decreasing costs and timing of travel to and from farms. Mares are able to be monitored with ultrasound tracking of their reproductive cycle and bred in a timely manner to their cycle. Mare and Mare/foal turn out pens are available as well

While your horse is at our facility, they will be provided with feed (hay) and water as well as bedding of a clean stall with shavings (or straw in some cases) and daily husbandry services included. Treatments are provided daily by our RVT and veterinary assistant team under the guidance and supervision of our veterinarians.  Additional feeds and supplements can be fed to your horse as you provide and instruct.

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