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Here you will find information about various diseases and conditions of the horse and articles on how we diagnose and treat these problems.This will be a section devoted to helping us all understand the costs of equine veterinary care at both the referral/specialty level and general equine health care. It is presented as a series of case studies describing a case and then explain/outlining the costs associated.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a case with one of our knowledgeable veterinarians, please give us a call 204-864-2888 or email


Colic Surgery

General Equine Health Topics


My Horse has a bloody nose


Ringbone - what you need to know

Hock injections - are they right for your horse

Pain in the back

What's in your drug cabinet

Dealing with Navicular Disease


(All these files can be downloaded to view more information)**

EC/FEI Regulations
EC/FEI/AQHA Guidelines

Equine Canada Guidelines for Competitors

These are the general regulations for Equine Canada. Specific information of interest in these guidelines are the medication control section which deals with anti-inflammatories and their permitted amount allowed in performance horses at EC sanctioned events.

Canadian Pari Mutuel Elimination Guidelines

These are the drug elimination guidelines set out for all horse's in competition or racing in Canada. Equine Canada uses these guidelines for drug elimination/withdrawal times. TB and SB racing also use these guidelines. In some cases, the USEF guidelines will differ from these so our American competitors are encouraged to review these guidelines closely when moving between countries.

AQHA Rule Book and Guidelines for Competitors

These are the rules and guidelines regarding medications for us at AQHA sanctioned shows

FEI Guidelines for Competitors

These are the anti-doping/medication control rule for FEI sanctioned events.

FEI CleanSport For Horses

This is the FEI CleanSport website for the horse athlete. It will provide FEI information regarding regulations, prohibited substances and veterinary documents.


Dr. Bell is an FEI permitted treating veterinarian for Canada and registered with the FEI to perform treating veterinary procedures on FEI horses. If you have any questions about Equine Canada or FEI regulations, feel free to give us a call.

FEI clean sport
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